Whole30: Day Uno

I really jumped into this Whole30 thing upside down and with my eyes closed. I had seen a couple blog posts about it and read the official website and decided… why not? I have a certain weakness for all things starchy – rice, potatoes, pasta, bread. I could easily eat all of these foods in a single day and  not blink an eye.

It especially doesn’t help that my husband is in the Army and DOES eat these things everyday without an ounce added to his body weight. I, on the other hand, would end up looking like the Michelin Man. Not cute.

In addition to my addiction to all things white and starchy, I have struggled with digestive issues my whole life. Literally everything I ate would give me heartburn. Weekends would find me never too far from a bathroom after eating out a couple times. Whole30 claims that this diet can help repair your digestive system by giving it a break from foods that are difficult for most people to digest – grains, legumes and dairy. I’m excited to see the results.

I am hoping that Whole30 will change the way I see food and how I use it. It seems silly the idea that we could be using food in the wrong way, but I think I have been. I eat for comfort and for taste rather than for energy for my body. I am hoping to learn when my body is really hungry and not just when my tongue is.

It will be a test of my willpower for sure. Luckily, my husband is very supportive and open to trying some Whole30 approved recipes (he is the epitome of “let’s do this” afterall). I’ll just have to learn to refrain from grabbing his favorite rosemary olive oil bread loaf out of his hands and shoving it down my starch-deprived gullet.


A recap of today’s eats:

Breakfast – Apple Pie LARABAR and a tangelo.

Lunch – Spicy pumpkin seeds from Whole Foods, cashews, grapes and strawberries.

Dinner – Grilled herbed chicken with brussel sprout/onion/bacon foil packets (grilled).

After dinner snack – Gala apple


Today wasn’t so bad until around 8:00 at night when my husband broke out the potato salad from our Memorial Day cookout. I had to leave the room for fear of diving headfirst into the container. Let’s hope for improvement on that front.


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