DIY: Reclaimed Wood Art


We recently had part of our fence redone and the guys left a few pieces of fencing behind when they left. I immediately started dreaming up things to do with it. Since we didn’t have anything above our bed, I figured it’d be a good idea to make something. I love quote art and some of my favorite quotes are from the song lyrics of The Avett Brothers (check them out because they rock our pants off!). This quote is from their song, “Murder in the City.”

Here are (roughly) the steps I took to make it:

1. Find some old 5ft fence posts and cut in half.

2. White wash the wood. I really had no idea how to do this “professionally.” I had some white acrylic paint lying around so I mixed it with water and applied it to the wood with an old washcloth. I like the look it achieved!

3. I printed out the words REALLY BIG and used them as a template to carve (with an old pen) into the wood.

4. Then I painted the words in with an itty bitty paintbrush.

5. I hung the pieces up separately on my wall because I couldn’t figure out a good way to stick them all together.

6. I added a ribbon and taped it to the wall.

VOILA! Old fence art.


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