DIY: Air Fresheners

I have three dogs and one Army husband. To say I need air fresheners is a gross understatement. Air fresheners, however, are kind of expensive if you plan on having one in every room. Plus, I just watched this documentary that made me terrified about all the chemicals in my house trying to slowly kill my family. Solution?

DIY (Chemical Free!) Air Fresheners

What You’ll Need:


– Baking soda

– Essential oil of your choice (my favorite is lavender!)

– Small, wide mouthed jar

– Fabric to cover (optional)

Step 1:


Pour enough baking soda to fill about a quarter of your jar.

Step 2:


Add 12-15 drops of your essential oil. I’ve also heard that you can add the oil to a cotton ball and add it to the baking soda – removing it after 24 hours. This helps prevent clumps I think, but I find it works well just adding it straight to the soda.

Step 3 (Optional) :


Tie some fabric to the top! I don’t mind them being out and seen with the fabric on them. Also, to be repetitive, I have three dogs. Leaving jars of anything uncovered around here is just asking for it.

So, there you have it – cheapo, smelly good, non-murderous air fresheners. I ended up making six of them after finding a bunch of jars at Goodwill (I paid just over a dollar for all of ’em!).

Let me know if you make them with a different essential oil. I get so stuck on lavender that I don’t ever try anything else, but I’d be willing to with a good suggestion!


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