DIY: Birdbath


Goodwill is so good to me. Who knew so much inspiration could be found in a fluorescent-lighted, grandma’s attic smelling, allergy fit inducing establishment? I’m a believer now. I get all my best ideas at Goodwill. 

Like this one for a small-ish homemade birdbath. I was actually looking for pots and other garden decorations when I came across this magnificent purple pie plate. I don’t know why, but my immediate thought was that it needed to be a birdbath. Maybe it was telling me. Maybe this pie plate knew it was destined for greater things than sitting in my kitchen cabinet for 364 days a year. 

Over in the hodge-podge section I found a really sturdy wooden candlestick holder and a smaller metal one that fit the wooden one and the pie plate quite perfectly – I dare say, serendipitously. I took my $2.37 worth of Goodwill loot home and got to crafting…

DIY: Birdbath

What You’ll Need

– A pie plate, large bowl or other round, shallow item.

– Hefty/sturdy candlestick or two (have fun with it and see what you can stick together!)

– Hot glue gun

– Spray paint


1. Hot glue your candlesticks holders together – making sure to put the heavier one on the bottom if you’re using multiple.

2. Spray paint what is now your birdbath base and let dry.

3. Hot glue the pie plate on top.

4. Set it out in your garden and get ready for more bird friends.

I didn’t have any trouble with it falling over or anything because the candlestick holder I got was so heavy. You’ll definitely have to do some good thrifting to find pieces that will fit together as close to perfectly as possible, but that’s the fun of it for me!


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