Whole30: Day 8 – Less than three weeks to go!

Well, I’m officially past week one! I even made homemade granola for husband last night and didn’t eat a piece. It was tempting, though, and our house smelled like Christmas from the honey, vanilla and cinnamon aroma emanating from the oven. I was tempted again tonight when I made dinner. I made rice for hubs. Bad idea. Have I told you my biggest weakness is starch? Ugh.

Tonight’s meal was especially delicious:


Beef with broccoli. This is husband’s, obviously. I didn’t touch the rice! Promise!


What I Ate Today:

Breakfast – Hard boiled egg, Apple Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Salad with leftover chicken satay, bacon, tomatoes and a little red wine vinegar

Snack – Apple, grapes

DinnerBeef with broccoli

I tweaked the recipe a little bit. I used canola oil in the beginning because I always end up burning sesame oil when I try to cook with it the whole way through. I added a couple teaspoons of it when I only had a couple minutes left of cooking time and you can really taste it. I also only added half of the amount of red pepper flakes… and it was still a little bit spicy for us.

I’m sure you could easily adapt the recipe and make it non-Whole30 by substituting soy sauce for the raw coconut aminos. It’s a really great recipe either way. My husband has been pleasantly surprised with our meals!



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