Whole30: Days 9 and 10 – The Return of Bacon

I’ve been getting behind on posts. No bueno. In my defense, the sky has been quite literally falling around here lately. We collected a stock pot of dime to nickel-sized hail tonight. This gets me excited because I am what one might call a “weather nerd.” And I’m okay with that. I’m writing this post in between super cells. I get all nervy-nellie during storms and don’t use anything that is plugged into the wall. So, let’s get on with it before I have to go hunker down in my bathtub again.

Day 9 Food:

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, apple

Lunch – Leftover beef with broccoli

Snack – Grapes, cashews

Dinner – Leftover Bacon Bison Burgers

Day 10 Eats:

Breakfast – Apple with almond butter

Lunch – Cherry Pie LARABAR, grapes, spicy pumpkin seeds

DinnerPesto stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, roasted asparagus


I will eat anything wrapped in bacon.

This recipe was so delicious and really easy! I’ve never made “stuffed” or “wrapped” anything so I was a little wary of the outcome. Needlessly wary, since it turned out to be the most delicious Whole30 meal I’ve made so far! Definitely a keeper.

I’ve also started the Couch to 5K running plan. Not sure why I started. I hate running with a passion. I’ve never been good at it. It might have something to do with the asthma I just recently found out I have and finally got an inhaler for. I wish I’d found out when I was still being forced to run in P.E. Before my inhaler, I had no idea that running is not supposed to feel like you’re being suffocated by your own trachea. Who knew?!

Has anyone else tried this plan? I struggled so much with Day 1 (even with my inhaler) that I’m worried I won’t be able to finish. Wish me luck! 


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