Whole30: Days 11 through 14 – I CAN MAKE MAYO, Y’ALL!

You guys. I can make mayonnaise. The prospect of making mayo has always terrified me. I’d heard so many fail stories and was sure I’d be one of them if I ever tried. Also, I watched the Good Eats episode where Alton Brown makes it. I LOVE his show, but for some reason everything he makes intimidates me and I automatically assume it is too advanced for my skill set. WRONG. It was actually pretty easy with my food processor (thanks, husband!). It is scary at the very beginning when you don’t know if you’re going to end up wasting a cup of olive oil or not… I was biting my nails until finally, towards the very end, it began to look like something familiar. If you’ve been worried about attempting homemade mayo, I encourage you to try it! If I can do it, anyone can! Here is the recipe I used.

Okay, now that I’ve exclaimed to the world my greatest cooking accomplishment, let’s move on to a four day recap (I know, I know. I need to get better at this updating thing).

Whole30 – Day 11

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, grapes

Lunch – Salad with leftover chicken satay, apple, Cherry Pie LARABAR

Dinner – Guacamole burger (no cheese or bun) with fresh veggies (carrots, cucumber, celery, broccoli) from Old Chicago Bar and Grill.

I was nervous about my first time eating out at a restaurant while on Whole30. The only reason we even went out was because our good friend just got back from a tour in Afghanistan and we haven’t seen him in three months. If it weren’t for that, we would have eaten at home.

My choices were fairly limited since what they mostly serve is pizza, calzones and wings. They don’t even offer plain grilled chicken or anything! I settled on the guacamole burger and found that I didn’t even miss the bun (though husband’s french fries looked miiiiiighty fiiiiine).

We also went to Starbucks for the first time (shout out to Mom for sending us gift cards!). This was dangerous territory. I could easily drink a day’s worth of calories in Starbucks. This day, however, I left the consuming 3,000 calories of Starbucks thing up to my husband:

Can you guess whose is whose?

Whole30 – Day 12

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, Apple Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Leftover chicken satay, grapes, raspberries

Dinner – Grilled turkey legs, zucchini and onion

This meal was delicious AND helped us get our Game of Thrones groove on. PLUS, it was husband’s first foray into grilling. I’d say we have a natural grill-master in our household.

Whole30 – Day 13 

Breakfast – Cherry Pie LARABAR, hard boiled egg

Lunch – Costco samples (tuna, salad, rotisserie chicken), apple with almond butter

Dinner – Leftover bacon-wrapped chicken, kale chips

Whole30 – Day 14

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, Coconut Cream Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Cashews, grapes, raspberries

Dinner – Chicken salad lettuce wrap (with HOMEMADE MAYOOOO!)

Again, bet you can’t tell which one’s mine!

I love this recipe! I did quadruple the ingredients so we could have leftovers as well as substitute grapes for the craisins. I might even add apples next time. I can’t do chicken salad without fruit!

I promise I’ll do better at updating everyday. Making bison tacos (…lettuce wraps) tomorrow with avocado salsa! Should be yummo!


3 thoughts on “Whole30: Days 11 through 14 – I CAN MAKE MAYO, Y’ALL!”

  1. You ate Larabars almost every day?!Although Melissa and Dallas say they are compliant they definitely are not recommending g them as a regular meal supplement. Look at the sugar content and most days you eat them with additional fruit! Additionally your lunches are not compliant meals in the sense they did not follow the meal template: ie. almonds gapes plaintains chips is not following the template.

    You may want to do another Whole30 without all that sugar. I know you said you did not have a problem missing starches and sugar. Well you didn’t miss sugar because you still kept a large quantity on a daily basis. Wole30 definitely does not recommend eliminating starches. Good luck!

    1. These are the rules that I used- http://whole9life.com/2012/08/the-whole30-program/

      If you read them, I did not break any of them. I ate real, unprocessed foods with no added sugar, no dairy, no grains, and no white potatoes (I.e. starch). There is a very big difference between sugar found naturally in fruits and added, highly processed and refined sugar. White sugar and highly processed sugar ingredients such as HFCS are addicting in a way that fruit simply is not. The Larabars that I chose have no added sugar at all. I personally believe that there is no such thing as too many fruits and vegetables – especially if you are eating a variety of them. My lunches were not your standard Americanized lunches, but I ate what filled me up.

      I’m happy with my experience with Whole30. I got exactly what I wanted out of it (a better understanding of the food/body relationship and the realization of how much I had previously relied on processed foods – and that I didn’t have to) and completed the whole thing while following all the rules in the link above. Thanks for your concern, though.

      1. I found your blog while looking up Whole30 recipes, and I have to say, that comment is freaking hilarious. Sorry you got bit by the “I care too much about other peoples loves” bug. I think your whole30 looks great and definitely stole some ideas for my own!

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