DIY: Doily-Patterned Monogram


This is a throwback DIY project from our wedding. I glued really thick twine to the back of these and they hung on our chairs at our sweetheart table. After the wedding, I removed the twine and now they adorn the hallway to our bedroom. I feel like half of our home decorations were at one point wedding decorations. Wahoo for saving money!

Doily-Patterned Monogram:

What You’ll Need:

– Wooden letters (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for a dollar a piece)

– Acrylic paint in two colors

– Doilies


1. Paint your letters your desired base color and let dry completely (this is especially important if you are using a lighter color for the pattern!)

2. Place the pretty edge of the doily over where you’d like a stencil. Paint it in with your other color. (I used dark purple as my base and a cream color as the stencil).

3. Attach twine if you want them to hang (or if using for wedding decor), or just stick ’em on your wall!

Before I ended up painting the whole thing purple, I had experimented with doing a doily pattern on the entire letter. I thought it looked pretty cool but it just wasn’t quite what I was going for. Feel free to experiment as much as you like. If it doesn’t turn out… you can always paint over it!


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