Whole30: Days 16 and 17 – Chipotle :(

Day 16 Food

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, Cherry Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Leftover chicken salad, raspberries, baby carrots

Dinner – Leftover bison tacos

Day 17 Food

Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs, apple

Lunch – Cashews, Apple Pie LARABAR, grapes, baby carrots

Dinner – Chipotle Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl… without cheese, sour cream, beans or rice.

Let me tell you about the most depressing Chipotle experience in all the land. First off, I was extra hungry today. I think it’s because I didn’t have a really good “meal” and I knew there were no leftovers in the fridge. For some reason, knowing there isn’t a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for me for dinner makes me food restless ALL DAY.

Hubs had to work late tonight (like… until 2a.m.) so he asked me to bring him dinner. I offered Chipotle because I figured I could find something to eat there. First I ordered his chicken burrito with everything (and I mean eeeevvveeerrryyyythhhiiiingg) and then it was my turn.

“Could I get the burrito bowl with pulled pork to go?”

“Brown or white rice?”

“No rice.”

“Black or pinto beans?”

“No beans.”


“Um… no.” (That one was hard for me)

“Sour cream?”

“No thanks. Could I just get salsa, guacamole and lettuce? Basically a sad, sad little salad?”

Ready for the worst part? Even though I didn’t get ANYTHING that was supposed to come in the bowl except meat, they still charged me $1.80 for guacamole. Really, Chipotle? Really? I just saved you $5.00 with my sad salad. Can’t you cut a girl a free guacamole break? Rude.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed it better if I’d been able to eat my burrito bowl warm. An hour in the car driving back and forth to drop off husband’s head-sized burrito didn’t do much for my lettuce concoction. I definitely haven’t had the best time eating out while on Whole30. Honestly, I’d rather cook anyway. It helps me resist temptation and feel accomplished at the same time. Eating cold pork and lettuce isn’t so satisfying.

Has anyone else on Whole30 had success eating out? I know it’s possible, but to me it’s just not as satisfying!


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