Pup-sicles – A Frosty Treat For Your Furry Friends!

It’ll make your dogs drool!

As I have been complaining about on this blog for about a week – it is freakin’ hot here. And also today I can see a wildfire from my house. Super. I was thinking about something to help the dogs cool down (we did finally cave and buy an AC unit. 90 in the house is too much.) so I had a look in my fridge and came up with these tasty treats!



– 4 oz. Ziploc containers or something similar

– Chicken broth

– Water

– Lunch meat or dog treats


1. Fill the container with half water and half broth

2. Add your treats

3. Freeze (usually takes a couple hours)

4. Run some hot water over the outside of the container and pop out the pops (heh).

5. Put them in a food bowl if you don’t want a mess!

6. Cool off your hot dogs (I could pun forever with this)!

Romulus just chomps his down as fast as possible. Basically how he lives his life.
Your dog might be like mine and decide bowls are for losers. If so, you might want to keep them in the kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Pup-sicles – A Frosty Treat For Your Furry Friends!”

    1. It really does wonders for cooling them off. In the winter here I like to stuff Kongs with warm mashed potatoes, cheese and lunch meat. They probably like that even better than the pup-sicles!

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