Let’s Do Another Whole30!

I’m doing it again. Another Whole30. I’m already on day four,  but I figured if I wanted to keep with it that I needed some kind of accountability. I’ve still only completed the one Whole30 I blogged about here two years ago. I tried another at the beginning of this year but failed miserably after less than two weeks due to a lack of accountability, a lack of prep, too many SWYPO foods, and basically a plan to slip up from the beginning (my husband and I went into it saying we would “see how we felt” when the Superbowl parties hit. Turns out, if you’re not super committed, you feel like cookies and brownies and ice cream during Superbowl parties). This time is going to be different, though. This time, I’m telling the Internet. You’ll keep me accountable, right?

I want to go over a few differences between the last time I (successfully) did Whole30 and now. Differences I see in the program and also changes I’d like to make going into this one.

1. Information availability – It is amazing how much more there is out there on Whole30 now. When I did it two years ago, I had a page from the Whole9 website saying what you can and can’t eat. That’s it. Other than that, I had two websites I referenced and a bunch of paleo recipes that I altered to make Whole30 approved. Now, there are recipes galore, blogs, e-mails from the program, two books, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, etc.! I’m excited to try it again with this many resources!

2. Less fruit, more veggies – I’ll admit I probably ate too much fruit during my first Whole30 (but again, I had no guidelines telling me how much of anything I should or should not be eating), and I hope to stick to three servings of fruit a day this time, while eating a vegetable with every big meal.

3. Breastfeeding – Last year, I had a beautiful baby boy who is now eleven months old and still nursing. I was fine with fewer calories back then because I wasn’t too active and had a smaller frame anyway. Now,  I need to make sure I’m still eating enough calories to keep up an adequate milk supply. If I notice a drop, though, I will have to seriously reconsider the timing of this one. If anyone has experience with breastfeeding on Whole30, please share some advice!

4. Migraine focus – I’ve been getting migraines much more often than usual lately. For me, that means multiple per week. I’ve been starting to think that it’s something in my diet so I’m kicking caffeine for this Whole30 and keeping a food log/migraine log. Last time I did the program, I didn’t have any migraines after week one. That’s unheard of for me! The problem was, I added in too many foods at a time when I was finished that I couldn’t pin point which one was giving me trouble. This time, I’m hoping to figure that out (and because it’s day four and all I can think about are chocolate chip cookies at the moment, I’m crossing my fingers it’s not sugar).


Follow along with me while I hopefully show you that Whole30’s are incredible and not that hard!



Whole30: Days 29 and 30 – I’m Done!

Day 29 Eats:

Breakfast – Orange, two scrambled eggs

Lunch – Almonds, apple, Cherry Pie LARABAR, banana

Dinner – Marinated and baked chicken with sweet potatoes

I swapped the soy sauce for coconut aminos and made my own worcestershire sauce. The chicken turned out great! I know it’s supposed to be for the grill but with all the fires going on in my state right now I thought it best to cook inside. I cooked the sweet potatoes in the microwave – it took me twenty minutes with mine because its first owner was probably Larry King. When he was nineteen.

Day 30 Eats:

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, banana

Lunch – Orange, almonds, pistachios, apple, plantain chips

Dinner – Mexi-Salad with Fresh Guacamole


This is the best guacamole recipe I have ever tried. I used to think the powdered guac in packets that you just added avocado to was the best guacamole I’d ever had. What the diddy was wrong with me? This stuff is amazing, completely homemade and super easy to boot! I’ll never go back to my powdered guac ways.

Well, I’m done with Whole30. I definitely have to thank my husband for putting up with the lack of sweets and carbs in the house. He also deserves a big sloppy kiss and a Troy and Abed handshake for encouraging me to stick with it on the days when I wanted to do nothing more than stick my face in a loaf of bread while simultaneously taking a peanut butter bath. Thank God for him 🙂

This journey has taught me a lot about my body and my eating habits. I’ve learned that I actually can survive without sugar or starch, fruit is the most underrated dessert, there is a healthy alternative to almost anything, cooking Whole30-style is actually way easy and just as delicious, and that I still miss potatoes and sourdough bread.

I certainly hope to keep a majority of the principles going forward. I am testing gluten tomorrow (eating half a bun with my cranberry BBQ pulled pork!) and seeing how I react. If it’s not good, I guess it’s gluten-free forever for this girl (except the occasional Guinness, of course). I’ll keep the blog updated going forward and would love to hear from others about their experience in reintroducing foods! Thanks for following me!

Whole30: Days 25 through 28 – New Recipes and Easier Mayo!

I ended up eating out quite a bit this weekend. There has been a bad wildfire near us and my husband and I spent most of the weekend volunteering at an animal rescue that was taking in evacuated animals. People donated tons of snacks for the volunteers – Lunchables, fried chicken, candy bars, granola, pastries, cakes, freakin’ Little Debbie Nutty Bars, chips, and just about every other food I am currently prohibited from eating. Luckily, someone brought a bag of apples, so I didn’t starve. Watching husband eat sourdough bread was torture, though. TORTURE. I can (and have) eaten whole loaves of San Francisco sourdough bread all on my own… in one day… possibly half of one day. With plenty of butter.

Day 25 Eats:

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, apple with almond butter

Lunch – Almonds, grapes, baby carrots, plantain chips

Dinner – Hamburger from Chili’s (no bun) with steamed broccoli

We saw Disney/Pixar’s Brave on this day. If you haven’t seen it yet – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Grab yo’ mama and head for the theater!

Day 26 Eats: 

Breakfast – Orange, hard-boiled egg

Lunch – Leftover spaghetti squash bacon alfredo

Dinner – Basically a chicken breast with some lettuce, tomato, onion and mustard from Chick-Fil-A with a fruit cup.

We had to grab something quickly on our way to help the doggies. I figured Chick-Fil-A was as good a place as any to try and find something Whole30 friendly. It was hard walking in there and inhaling the glorious smell that is the Chick-Fil-A waffle fry, but I kept telling myself that in just a few days I could treat myself to some if I wished. That was really the only thing that helped. Especially since the only reason Whole30 doesn’t let you have white potatoes is because they are deficient in nutrients. Frankly, I don’t care. My stomach and tongue get along with white potatoes juuust fine.

Day 27 Eats:

Breakfast – Orange, Cherry Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Apple, baby carrots, almonds, plantain chips

Dinner – Steak fajitas


I made these with leftover steak from the beef and broccoli. Cut up a red bell pepper and an onion, used my homemade taco seasoning and some water (like you would with a fajita seasoning packet). Easy as cheesy and extra delicious!

Day 28 Eats:

Breakfast – Orange, Cashew Cookie LARABAR

Lunch – Apple, banana, almonds, plantain chips, celery

DinnerTurkey-Pepperoni Burgers with grilled zucchini


These were so good! I had to make mayo again because the recipe calls for a basil (or parsley) and lemon mayo. I found a different recipe using an immersion blender because my food processor was in the dishwasher. HOLY PACHOLY THIS WAS SO MUCH EASIER. Whereas the food processor version took me somewhere between five and ten minutes to finish, the hand blender took less than a minute! It was a little thinner but I actually prefer it that way. I then just added some lemon juice and chopped basil to the finished product and wham-o! I could have called it an aioli and nobody would have been the wiser.

If you have an immersion blender, I can’t recommend this recipe enough! Just remember to start with all ingredients at room temperature and it’s pretty much fool-proof.

I still can’t believe I only have two more days left of Whole30! At the beginning, I really didn’t think I’d finish. Thirty days seemed like such a long time but looking back – it flew by!

Whole30: Days 23 and 24 – It’s Pretty Outside!

It has been absolutely beautiful for the past two days! Highs in the 70’s and nice ‘n breezy. That means I was able to cook inside my house again! With my oven! Yay! I even took the pups on an hour long hike at a nearby park – in late June at noon! Crazy.

Day 23 Eats:

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, an orange

Lunch – Coconut Cream Pie LARABAR, grapes, raspberries, baby carrots, almonds

DinnerGrilled Rosemary Oregano Pork Chops with grilled tomatoes

Day 24 Eats:

Breakfast – Cashew Cookie LARABAR, orange

Lunch – Leftover pork chop, plantain chips, buffalo jerky, grapes

DinnerToasted Pine Nut Crusted Salmon Burgers with roasted green beans


Pork chops were delicious – husband did it again! Salmon burgers were delicious. I’d never had grilled tomatoes before, but I loved them. Try it if you haven’t. I can’t believe I have less than a week left of Whole30! I am still nervous about reintroducing all the foods I haven’t been eating. Since I haven’t had any digestive issues whatsoever while on Whole30 (apart from the Cappuccino LARABAR incident), I am definitely planning on going slow with adding back foods and possibly going completely gluten-free. Except for Guinness. How can I ever stop drinking Guinness? I’m sorry, stomach, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Whole30: Days 18 through 20 – Too Many Grapes on the Dancefloor

I have been having a hard time lately with just replacing nonsense/not hungry eating with healthier foods. I notice that when I get bored I feel like it’s okay to eat an entire Costco sized container of grapes (I’m ashamed of how close this is to not being an exaggeration) because they’re healthy, right? But I’m not hungry. So I shouldn’t be doing it. Ho hum pig’s bum.

Day 18 Eats:

Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs, Apple Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Grapes, raspberries, cashews, baby carrots

Dinner Slow cooker country-style ribs with mashed sweet potato

These ribs were okay. I didn’t add the molasses and sugar and all that goodness, which is fine if you prefer savory barbeque. I, however, like my barbeque sauce sweet. I tried adding an apple in at the end to sweeten things up, but it didn’t work. Maybe if I try this again I’ll add mashed up cranberries or something at the beginning. Any suggestions? The mashed sweet potatoes were great, though! Hint: sweet potatoes and nutmeg are best friend foods for life (BFFFL’s, if you will).

Day 19 Eats:

Breakfast – Cherry Pie LARABAR, apple with almond butter

Lunch – Nitrate-free salami (I do not recommend. It smells like farts and has an aftertaste similar to rubbing a rotten onion on your tongue), grapes, raspberries, cashews

Dinner – Lemon Garlic Tuna Salad (I adapted this salad recipe from this tuna burger recipe) and asparagus


Lemon Garlic Tuna Salad:


– 12 oz. canned tuna (the only kind I could find without soy was packed in olive oil)

– 3 to 5 tablespoons homemade mayo (depending on your tuna salad preferences!)

– 1/4 cup green onion, diced

– 1 teaspoon lemon juice

– 2 tablespoons fresh parsley

– 2 cloves garlic, minced

– 2 tablespoons diced dill pickles (optional)

– Salt and pepper to taste


1. Mix all ingredients together and enjoy! Great on top of a salad, in a lettuce wrap or by itself!

Also, if you are not doing Whole30 (or if you are better at figuring out how to substitute things in recipes than me), MAKE THE TUNA BURGERS. They were so delicious. My husband and I ate two apiece when I made them the first time (pre-Whole30)! So much for serving 4… not in this house, people.

Day 20 Eats: 

Breakfast – Cherry Pie LARABAR, two scrambled eggs

Lunch – Almonds, leftover ribs, grapes, baby carrots

DinnerSpaghetti Squash Bacon Alfredo


The bacon alfredo stuff was gooooooood. Definitely satisfied my pasta craving. I can’t wait to try spaghetti squash with a homemade marinara of some sort. Yummo. I couldn’t find “squash delicata” (I guess we are not fancy squash-eatin’ folk around here) so I used butternut. 

EXCITING NEWS! Well, it’s exciting for this girl who is getting tired of cherry and apple pie LARABARS. Checked out the energy bar section at Whole Foods (why did that take me so long? I buy bacon there every week!) and they have every flavor of LARABAR. The only problem is that they are near a buck fifty at Whole Foods and the sad little selection at the commissary only charges 88 cents. I splurged, though, and can’t wait to eat these flavors this week – 


I am especially looking forward to the Cappuccino flavor. Wish I hadn’t already eaten one today…

Whole30: Days 16 and 17 – Chipotle :(

Day 16 Food

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, Cherry Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Leftover chicken salad, raspberries, baby carrots

Dinner – Leftover bison tacos

Day 17 Food

Breakfast – Two hard boiled eggs, apple

Lunch – Cashews, Apple Pie LARABAR, grapes, baby carrots

Dinner – Chipotle Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl… without cheese, sour cream, beans or rice.

Let me tell you about the most depressing Chipotle experience in all the land. First off, I was extra hungry today. I think it’s because I didn’t have a really good “meal” and I knew there were no leftovers in the fridge. For some reason, knowing there isn’t a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for me for dinner makes me food restless ALL DAY.

Hubs had to work late tonight (like… until 2a.m.) so he asked me to bring him dinner. I offered Chipotle because I figured I could find something to eat there. First I ordered his chicken burrito with everything (and I mean eeeevvveeerrryyyythhhiiiingg) and then it was my turn.

“Could I get the burrito bowl with pulled pork to go?”

“Brown or white rice?”

“No rice.”

“Black or pinto beans?”

“No beans.”


“Um… no.” (That one was hard for me)

“Sour cream?”

“No thanks. Could I just get salsa, guacamole and lettuce? Basically a sad, sad little salad?”

Ready for the worst part? Even though I didn’t get ANYTHING that was supposed to come in the bowl except meat, they still charged me $1.80 for guacamole. Really, Chipotle? Really? I just saved you $5.00 with my sad salad. Can’t you cut a girl a free guacamole break? Rude.

Perhaps I would have enjoyed it better if I’d been able to eat my burrito bowl warm. An hour in the car driving back and forth to drop off husband’s head-sized burrito didn’t do much for my lettuce concoction. I definitely haven’t had the best time eating out while on Whole30. Honestly, I’d rather cook anyway. It helps me resist temptation and feel accomplished at the same time. Eating cold pork and lettuce isn’t so satisfying.

Has anyone else on Whole30 had success eating out? I know it’s possible, but to me it’s just not as satisfying!

Whole30: Day 15 – Halfway There!

Can’t believe I’m halfway done with Whole30 already! I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits, and I’m not sure if I’ll even want to go back to eating the way I did before – I’m missing sugary and starchy foods less and less! I am also much more aware of some problem areas I never paid attention to before. For example, I keep stopping myself from grazing while making husband’s lunches and breakfasts. It’s made me realize that I was eating things just because they were there and not because I was hungry. I’d sneak a spoonful of hashbrowns or granola; lick the spoon after scooping out yogurt; steal slices of lunch meat while making sandwiches, etc. Whole30 has definitely helped me become aware of what I was eating and why.

Today’s Eats:

Breakfast – Apple, Cherry Pie LARABAR

Lunch – Two hard boiled eggs, grapes, raspberries, cashews

Dinner – Bison tacos with chunky guacamole


Chunky Guacamole


–  2 avocados, diced

– Small tomato, diced

– 1/4 of a red onion, minced

– 2 tablespoons parsley or cilantro, chopped (I’m not a cilantro fan… so we use parsley in our house)

– 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

– 1/2 teaspoon black pepper

– 1 teaspoon garlic salt


1. Combine ingredients and enjoy! 



Ground Bison Tacos (Lettuce Wraps)


– 1 tablespoon olive oil

– 1 lb ground bison (or beef if ya like)

– 1 small onion, diced

– 1/2 green pepper, diced

– 1 clove garlic, minced

– 14 oz. can diced tomatoes (I didn’t end up using the whole thing though)

– 2 tablespoons homemade taco seasoning

– Pinch of chipotle powder


1. Heat olive oil and add onions, peppers and garlic. Cook until onions are translucent.

2. Add ground bison, seasoning, chipotle, and tomatoes.

3. Cook until meat is cooked and sauce is thickened (about 5-10 minutes)

4. Top with chunky gauc and stuff yo’ face! 


Tacos are the best because it really doesn’t take much skill to make them. I just threw in what we had handy and out popped this delicious meal! What’s your favorite taco ingredient? Mine is chipotle powder for sure! I love the hint of spice and smoke it gives (without being too spicy for us spice wusses).