Whole30: Days 29 and 30 – I’m Done!

Day 29 Eats:

Breakfast – Orange, two scrambled eggs

Lunch – Almonds, apple, Cherry Pie LARABAR, banana

Dinner – Marinated and baked chicken with sweet potatoes

I swapped the soy sauce for coconut aminos and made my own worcestershire sauce. The chicken turned out great! I know it’s supposed to be for the grill but with all the fires going on in my state right now I thought it best to cook inside. I cooked the sweet potatoes in the microwave – it took me twenty minutes with mine because its first owner was probably Larry King. When he was nineteen.

Day 30 Eats:

Breakfast – Two scrambled eggs, banana

Lunch – Orange, almonds, pistachios, apple, plantain chips

Dinner – Mexi-Salad with Fresh Guacamole


This is the best guacamole recipe I have ever tried. I used to think the powdered guac in packets that you just added avocado to was the best guacamole I’d ever had. What the diddy was wrong with me? This stuff is amazing, completely homemade and super easy to boot! I’ll never go back to my powdered guac ways.

Well, I’m done with Whole30. I definitely have to thank my husband for putting up with the lack of sweets and carbs in the house. He also deserves a big sloppy kiss and a Troy and Abed handshake for encouraging me to stick with it on the days when I wanted to do nothing more than stick my face in a loaf of bread while simultaneously taking a peanut butter bath. Thank God for him 🙂

This journey has taught me a lot about my body and my eating habits. I’ve learned that I actually can survive without sugar or starch, fruit is the most underrated dessert, there is a healthy alternative to almost anything, cooking Whole30-style is actually way easy and just as delicious, and that I still miss potatoes and sourdough bread.

I certainly hope to keep a majority of the principles going forward. I am testing gluten tomorrow (eating half a bun with my cranberry BBQ pulled pork!) and seeing how I react. If it’s not good, I guess it’s gluten-free forever for this girl (except the occasional Guinness, of course). I’ll keep the blog updated going forward and would love to hear from others about their experience in reintroducing foods! Thanks for following me!