Let’s Do Another Whole30!

I’m doing it again. Another Whole30. I’m already on day four,  but I figured if I wanted to keep with it that I needed some kind of accountability. I’ve still only completed the one Whole30 I blogged about here two years ago. I tried another at the beginning of this year but failed miserably after less than two weeks due to a lack of accountability, a lack of prep, too many SWYPO foods, and basically a plan to slip up from the beginning (my husband and I went into it saying we would “see how we felt” when the Superbowl parties hit. Turns out, if you’re not super committed, you feel like cookies and brownies and ice cream during Superbowl parties). This time is going to be different, though. This time, I’m telling the Internet. You’ll keep me accountable, right?

I want to go over a few differences between the last time I (successfully) did Whole30 and now. Differences I see in the program and also changes I’d like to make going into this one.

1. Information availability – It is amazing how much more there is out there on Whole30 now. When I did it two years ago, I had a page from the Whole9 website saying what you can and can’t eat. That’s it. Other than that, I had two websites I referenced and a bunch of paleo recipes that I altered to make Whole30 approved. Now, there are recipes galore, blogs, e-mails from the program, two books, Pinterest boards, Instagram accounts, etc.! I’m excited to try it again with this many resources!

2. Less fruit, more veggies – I’ll admit I probably ate too much fruit during my first Whole30 (but again, I had no guidelines telling me how much of anything I should or should not be eating), and I hope to stick to three servings of fruit a day this time, while eating a vegetable with every big meal.

3. Breastfeeding – Last year, I had a beautiful baby boy who is now eleven months old and still nursing. I was fine with fewer calories back then because I wasn’t too active and had a smaller frame anyway. Now,  I need to make sure I’m still eating enough calories to keep up an adequate milk supply. If I notice a drop, though, I will have to seriously reconsider the timing of this one. If anyone has experience with breastfeeding on Whole30, please share some advice!

4. Migraine focus – I’ve been getting migraines much more often than usual lately. For me, that means multiple per week. I’ve been starting to think that it’s something in my diet so I’m kicking caffeine for this Whole30 and keeping a food log/migraine log. Last time I did the program, I didn’t have any migraines after week one. That’s unheard of for me! The problem was, I added in too many foods at a time when I was finished that I couldn’t pin point which one was giving me trouble. This time, I’m hoping to figure that out (and because it’s day four and all I can think about are chocolate chip cookies at the moment, I’m crossing my fingers it’s not sugar).


Follow along with me while I hopefully show you that Whole30’s are incredible and not that hard!